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Florida Structural Engineer
Wind Load Engineering
Wind Loads for your Residential Projects

Our seasoned professionals will assist you with the planning stage of your project and with your preliminary design ideas.
Civil and Structural Engineering
We specialize in Hydraulic, Highway, Structural, Forensic, Environmental, Drainage, Utility, Commercial and Residential Engineering. As a leader among civil engineering contractors, we can provide project management and contract administration on all state, county and local engineering projects.

Private Projects:
Residential and commercial building design
Residential and commercial site design
Residential and commercial drainage design
Residential and commercial water line design
Residential and commercial sanitary sewer design
Residential and commercial wind loads

Public Projects:
Drainage projects
Road paving projects
Waterline expansion projects
Sanitary sewer expansion projects
Utility relocation projects
Naval base paving and drainage projects
Public parking decks
Public fishing piers
Environmental impact studies
Wetland improvement projects
Permitting with state environmental protection agencies
Permitting with the Army Corps of Engineers
Permitting with state departments of transportation
Value Engineering
Value Engineering is the engineering of projects using a systematic method to improve the "value" of engineering services by using an examination of function.
Fowler Engineers
We work with Developers and Builders to plan, design and manage their projects. We assist with the project from project conception to the completion of the project.Put our many years' experience to work for you!

Our Structural and Civil Engineering services include the planning and design of commercial and residential buildings, site work, paving and grading, utilities and all of the permitting required for the development. As consulting engineers, we work closely with our clients to ensure that the professional services we provide fulfill all of the client's needs related to the Structural and Civil Engineering on the project. As seasoned professionals, we are familiar with the various stages of the design and construction process and strive to maximize the value engineering that the client receives with our services. Our team works hard to provide the engineering expertise necessary to successfully design and manage the development from project inception to completion of construction. Client satisfaction is paramount to our professional engineering team. Our extensive experience and expertise in Structural and Civil Engineering gives us the integrity needed for the design professional in today’s marketplace.
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Our Forensic Engineering services include the determination of the cause and extent of damage to commercial and residential buildings due to wind, water and soil movement and consolidation. Our expertise in Forensic Engineering provides for analysis of structures prior to damage occurring and the evaluation of structures after damage has occurred. We provide the level of analysis required by our clients for their loss prevention and damage assessment programs.

Our customers trust us when they need a qualified Florida structural engineer or forensic engineer to provide the expert help they need. Contact us to learn about what we can do for you.
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