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Having an Expert Witness who is both a Florida Structural Engineer and a state-licensed WDO (Wood Destroying Organisms) and Household and Institutional Pest Control Operator on your side can be very valuable to your case.

John A. Fowler, P.E., heads up our team for Termite and Wood Destroying Organism investigation, Engineering analysis, and reporting. He has these Expert Witness credentials and has extensive experience in Engineering and evaluation of thousands of wood frame houses and commercial buildings over many years. His experience as an Expert Witness in cases involving many types of buildings and construction litigation is also extensive and spans over 15 years.

It is also important for an expert to understand how insecticide chemistry, as well as the materials science and morphology of wood and other building materials play in each case involving wood-destroying organisms. These factors and interrelationships can be a crucial part of litigation for these type of cases. Mr. Fowler's background in Entomology and Engineering, as well as his certifications and licensure in these areas are very useful to our clients and their needs!

Please see Mr. Fowler’s resume for more valuable information. Also see the attached articles for some good information that may be of value to you!
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Extensive experience with thousands of building inspection and engineering evaluation as well as numerous engineering design projects
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Here is an example of one of our Termite litigation inspection reports by one of our Licensed Professional Engineers:
We performed a detailed inspection and analysis and prepared this report for Tom Campbell, Esq., an Attorney who is very involved in Termite litigation)

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